Case Studies

We constantly strive to offer the best service in the industry. We aim to provide both tangible savings as well as hidden benefits that contribute to the bottom line.

Below you will find some real world examples of how we provided our customers with real benefits that have helped them achieve their goals and more.

Electro-Mechanical Manufacture - Hampshire

The Requirement

The purchasing manager wanted to rationalise their packaging through one company that could provide a responsive supply and reduce the amount of purchase orders needed to be raised.

"Our company had been purchasing bespoke cartons, printed cartons and other sundry supplies through three separate packaging suppliers. The carton manufacturers insisted that we order large quantities of their product to gain the price point we needed to achieve; This led to an excessive in-house stockholding."

It quickly became apparent that this situation needed resolving as storage space was at a premium and cash flow was being compromised.

The Solution

We put a competitive package together to supply all of the required products while stock-holding at one of our RDCs and delivering as required

The customers bespoke boxes and printed tape are manufactured at our Newmarket production facility which allows us the flexibility in the supply chain to supply as required without the need for excessive stockholding.

The Benefits

We have been able to offer a true one-stop solution with real savings compared to the incumbent suppliers.

Purchasing overhead has been reduced with the warehouse manager ordering what is needed as required, freeing the purchasing team to concentrate on more business critical purchasing requirements, quite probably saving the company even more.

Space has been freed up in the warehouse to store products that make the company money....we store their packaging and provide what they need when they need it, without worry.

Paint Distribution - Essex

The Requirement

The customer was experiencing a significant returns cost and disruption as a result of paint tins opening during shipping.

They were also accumulating a relatively large amount of scrap boxes and cardboard that was expensive to dispose of.

The Solution

To address the issue of the opening tins, an automated strapping machine was demonstrated and subsequently purchased; each tin is now strapped closed, replacing the previous unsuccessful solution of taping the tins closed.

The unrequired cardboard was shredded using a cardboard shredder and used as void fill in stock boxes, that replaced the bespoke boxes the company obtained from their previous supplier.

The Benefits

Strapping the tins closed has reduced the losses caused by opening tins to zero. This measure has reduced customer complaints and the cost of courier surcharges incurred when the leaked paint caused damage.

Shredding the waste cardboard has reduced spend on void fill materials and has provided a good durable void fill for the heavy product the company ships, it has also reduced the cost of disposal of this material to zero.

Using stock boxes instead of bespoke, has reduced the cost per box and meant the despatch department, order what they need when they need it, rather than stocking large numbers of boxes made for them.

"The dual benefits of customer satisfaction and the reduction of the staff overhead dealing with customer complaints, was enough to justify the solution UK Packaging put in place for us. The fact that in doing so they managed to save us money on our packaging spend, was a significant bonus."

If you wish to learn more about how we can offer you a similar solution please contact us on 020 8801 8144

Our Customers say....

“UK Packaging Supplies Ltd is our chosen supplier for all of our packaging products.

We consider they offer the best value and quality for money, consistently meet delivery targets and are very flexible and reliable. This, coupled with their excellent customer service, defines them as the best packaging supplier in the region.”

Nick Brown
JEGS Electrical

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