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Cheap Tramadol Online, Tramadol India Online

The straps sit neatly on the edge protector , preserving the box while holding the package firm.

About our strapping edge protectors

  • Available in a choice of sizes – large or small
  • Cost-effective way of preventing damage to your pallets
  • Made from strong, resilient plastic
  • Pre-cast channel holds strapping firmly in place

Give our sales team a call on Tramadol Uk Buy or contact your Tramadol American Express to order your strapping edge protectors today – and don’t forget to stock up on Tramadol Rezeptfrei Paypal.


Tramadol Online American Express

Question? Contact us

50EPL01Large Plastic Edge Protector37mm x 32mm (For Strapping up to 30mm Wide)1000
50EPL02Small Plastic Edge Protector28mm x 25mm (For Strapping up to 19mm Wide)2000