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Ordering Tramadol From Canada - Buying Tramadol In Canada

At UK Packaging, we offer a selection of quality tissue papers, available in a range of colours.

Tissue paper from UK Packaging

  • Our standard MG Cap tissue paper is a machine glazed tissue paper, ideal for wrapping or for filling voids.
  • Acid-free tissue paper is also available – suitable for use with jewellery and silverware as the items will not tarnish when wrapped.
  • Sheets measure 375 x 500mm, with 500 sheets in each ream

To place your order for tissue paper or to discuss your needs with us, just give our sales team a call on Tramadol Rezeptfrei Paypal or contact your Tramadol Uk Buy.

Tramadol American Express

Question? Contact us

40CAF001500 x 75018Acid Free Tissue
40CAF007500 x 75017White Unglazed Tissue
40CAF027500 x 75017Black Tissue
40CAPT046450 x 70017Blue MG Cap Tissue
40CAPT047450 x 70017Green MG Cap Tissue
40CAPT048450 x 70017Red MG Cap Tissue