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Self Seal Bubble Bags with Lip

Our self seal bubble bags with adhesive strip feature lightweight and protective small air filled bubbles provide excellent protection against knocks and bumps to your products while in storage or transit.

Our bubble wrap bags come complete with a self-sealing adhesive strip that allows the bag to be sealed effectively.

Smooth inside finish ensures products can slide in and out easily.


30BUBB005X100 x 135 + 30mm4 x 5.25BP1800
30BUBB011 130 x 185 + 30mm 5.12 x 7.25 BP2 500
30BUBB005180 x 235 + 30mm7 x 9.25BP3300
30BUBB010 230 x 285 + 30mm 9 x 11.25 BP4 300
30BUBB017280 x 360 + 30mm11 x 14BP5200
30BUBB023 305 x 435 + 30mm 12 x 17 BP6 120
30BUBB007380 x 435 + 30mm15 x 17BP7100
30BUBB004 250 x 305 + 30mm 10 x 12 - 200
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