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Jiffy Astro Foam

Jiffy Astro Foam will keep polished or smooth surfaces safe from scratching or scraping. Supplied in a choice of thicknesses, it protects and cushions and is ideal for flat surface packaging. Easy to cut to shape and available in a variety of sizes as listed below

Jiffy Foam can be pre-cut up into sheets, perforated on a roll or the exact size and number of sheets can be specified (minimum order quantities will apply).

44JF1.0MM1mm1000mm300m1 x 1000mm
44JF1.0MMA 1mm 1500mm 300m 1 x 1500mm
44JF1.0MMD1mm1500mm300m2 x 750mm
44JF1 1mm 1500mm 300m 3 x 500mm
44JF1.0MME1mm1500mm300m5 x 300mm
44JF1.5MM 1.5mm 1000mm 200m 1 x 1000mm
44JF1.5MMA1.5mm1500mm200m1 x 1500mm
44JF1.5MMAA 1.5mm 1500mm 200m 2 x 750mm
44JF1.5MMC1.5mm1500mm200m3 x 500mm
44JF2.5MM 2.5mm 1000mm 120m 1 x 1000mm
44JF2.5MMA2.5mm1500mm120m1 x 1500mm
44JF2.5MMC 2.5mm 1500mm 120m 2 x 750mm
44JF2.5MMD2.5mm1500mm120m3 x 500mm
44JF2.5MMB 2.5mm 1500mm 120m 5 x 300mm
44JF4.0MM4mm1000mm75m1 x 1000mm
44JF4.0MMA 4mm 1500mm 75m 1 x 1500mm
44JF4.0MME4mm1500mm75m2 x 750mm
44JF4.0MMD 4mm 1500mm 75m 3 x 500mm

2000mm widths are now available on request and in a thickness of up to 7mm.

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