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Transport Equipment

Featherpost Mailing Bags

42FPM01LARGE LETTER/JEWELLERY110 x 165mm130 x 175mm200
42FPM02LARGE LETTER/DISCs120 x 215mm140 x 225mm200
42FPM03LARGE LETTER/DVDs150 x 215mm170 x 225mm100
42FPM04LARGE LETTER/CDs180 x 165mm200 x 185mm100
42FPM05LARGE LETTER/A5 VIDEOS180 x 265mm200 x 275mm100
42FPM06LARGE LETTER/GIFTS220 x 265mm240 x 275mm100
42FPM07PACKET/DIARIES230 x 340mm250 x 350mm100
42FPM08PACKET/A4 BROCHURES240 x 335mm260 x 345mm100
42FPM09PACKET/BOOKS270 x 360mm290 x 370mm100
42FPM10PACKET300 x 445mm320 x 455mm50
42FPM11PACKET/A3350 x 470mm370 x 480mm50
42FPM12PACKET460 x 660mm480 x 680mm50
42FPM13PACKET520 x 660mm540 x 680mm50
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