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Transport Equipment

Plastic Pallets

A range of robust, durable plastic pallets that offer a highly cost effective option with a much greater life expectancy than wood. Perfect for the Fresh Produce, IT, Engineering and Pharmaceutical business sectors where hygiene and clean working environments are essential.


12PALLB21600 x 400 x 140 (1/4 Euro)5002500
12PALLB22800 x 600 x 143 (1/2 Euro)5001000
12PALLB231200 x 800 x 155 (Euro)8001500
12PALLB241200 x 1000 x 16010002000

Slipguard Anti-Slip Sheets

Stabilise pallet loads of sacks, bags and boxes.
Reduction of secondary packaging, such as stretchfilm and strapping.
Efficient on all materials, paper, corrugated, boxes, glass and plastic packing.
Water repellent, ideal for preventing moisture damage.
High performance - effective up to angles of 45°.
100% recyclable.
Unique anti-slip


50ASM01ANTI-SLIP MAT100gsm200

Load Restraint Systems

25mm load restraints are ideal for the lighter load and the securing of items on roof racks etc. These assemblies can be supplied with black coated 'S' Hooks, Claw Hooks, or can be endless. 50mm load restraints are for heavier duty applications. These can be supplied with Claw Hooks, Rave Hooks, D Links or can be endless.
All of our ratchet load restraints are manufactured in the UK to EN 12195-2 specification.

50mm webbing has a breaking strain of 5 tonnes and is available in Orange or Blue.
These systems are available with:
Claw Hook, Delta Link, Open Rave Hook or endless. They have many uses in transportation in the automotive industry and the marine industry, they can be utilised also into many warehouse applications.

25mm Webbing is available in Black, Navy, Royal Blue, Orange, Red, Yellow or White. These systems are available as Ratchet Assemblies with:
Claw Hook, Plastic Coated S Hook or endless. They have many uses around the business and home and leisure industry.
Cam Buckle assemblies are an endless strap with the end of the webbing cut at a 45°. This aids the threading of the webbing through the buckle making it much easier to use. Many and varied uses, from luggage and suitcases, to roof racks on cars to name just a couple.

50LRS02ENDLESS25mm x 3m400kg800kgRED, ORANGE, BLUE or BLACK
50LRS03ENDLESS25mm x 5m400kg800kgRED, ORANGE, BLUE or BLACK
50LRS04CLAW HOOK25mm x 3m400kg800kgRED, ORANGE, BLUE or BLACK
50LRS05S HOOK25mm x 5m400kg800kgRED, ORANGE, BLUE or BLACK
50LRS06CLAW HOOK25mm x 3m400kg800kgRED, ORANGE, BLUE or BLACK
50LRS07S HOOK25mm x 5m400kg800kgRED, ORANGE, BLUE or BLACK
50LRS08ENDLESS50mm x 6m2000kg4000kgBLUE or ORANGE
50LRS09CLAW HOOK50mm x 6m2000kg4000kgBLUE or ORANGE
50LRS10CLAW HOOK50mm x 8m2000kg4000kgBLUE or ORANGE
50LRS11CLAW HOOK50mm x 10m2000kg4000kgBLUE or ORANGE
50LRS12D LINK50mm x 8m2000kg4000kgBLUE or ORANGE
50LRS13RAVE HOOK50mm x 8m2000kg4000kgBLUE or ORANGE

Elasticated Shock Cord

Different uses for business : publicity banners, publicity streamers, tarpaulins on lorries and hundreds of home applications, automotive use, caravanning, camping, boating, leisure, sport and outdoor uses.

Technical Specification: Tolerance on strength and stretch +/- 15%. Usage recommended 25 – 75% stretch
Cable composition: Central core > Solid natural rubber core with UV protection. Outer braiding > PP High tenacity pollypropylene with added UV protection.


50ESC016mm x 100m
50ESC028mm x 100m
50ESC0310mm x 50m


Our economy polyethylene tarpaulins are widely used as a temporary cover with hundreds of different uses

- 100% Waterproof
- Rotproof & Shrinkproof & UV Protected
- Lightweight & Easy to Handle
- Eyelets Every Metre
- Other sizes available on request
- Colours Available: Blue or White

Woven 100% waterproof polyethylene tarpaulins / ground sheet are widely used as a temporary cover with hundreds of different uses. Our tarpaulins are lightweight and easy to handle, rotproof, shrinkproof , and UV protected. Each tarpaulin is manufactured from tough woven polyethylene which is then laminated on both sides, eyelets are spaced approximately every metre. Every tarpaulin is packed in a polythene bag with an attractive colour insert. All the above sizes are approximate and are cut sizes. Cut size is an industry standard term for the size of the sheet before it is made into a tarpaulin, therefore some reduction/variation in size is to be expected.

50TARP012.75 x 3.5m
50TARP023.5 x 3.5m
50TARP033.5 x 4.5m
50TARP043.6 x 5.4m
50TARP054.5 x 6m
50TARP065.4 x 7m
50TARP077 x 9m
50TARP087 x 11m
50TARP099 x 14m
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