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We also have a wide range of sizes available from stock, and offer three different grades – light duty (120 gauge), medium duty (200 gauge) and heavy duty (400 gauge).

Polythene bags from UK Packaging

  • All our polythene bags feature a high-clarity finish
  • Can also be sealed at the top if required using a heat sealer.
  • Suitable for food use
  • Tramadol Rezeptfrei Paypal also available

Give our sales team a call on Tramadol Uk Buy or contact your Tramadol American Express to order your polythene bags today.

Tramadol Overnight American Express

Question? Contact us

34LDUTY01100 x 1524 x 6120g100010000Clear Light Duty
34LDUTY02150 x 2006 x 8120g100010000Clear Light Duty
34LDUTY03175 x 2257 x 9120g10006000Clear Light Duty
34LDUTY04200 x 2508 x 10120g10006000Clear Light Duty
34LDUTY05200 x 3008 x 12120g10006000Clear Light Duty
34LDUTY06225 x 3009 x 12120g10005000Clear Light Duty
34LDUTY07255 x 30010 x 12120g10004000Clear Light Duty
34LDUTY08254 x 37510 x 15120g10004000Clear Light Duty
34LDUTY09300 x 37512 x 15120g10003000Clear Light Duty
34LDUTY10300 x 45012 x 18120g10003000Clear Light Duty
34LDUTY11375 x 50015 x 20120g10003000Clear Light Duty
34LDUTY12450 x 60018 x 24120g5002000Clear Light Duty
34LDUTY13500 x 75020 x 30120g5001000Clear Light Duty
34LDUTY14600 x 90024 x 36120g5001000Clear Light Duty
34MDUTY01175 x 2257 x 9200g10006000Clear Medium Duty
34MDUTY02200 x 2508 x 10200g10004000Clear Medium Duty
34MDUTY03250 x 30010 x 12200g5002000Clear Medium Duty
34MDUTY04250 x 37510 x 15200g5002000Clear Medium Duty
34MDUTY05300 x 37512 x 15200g5002000Clear Medium Duty
34MDUTY06300 x 45012 x 18200g5002000Clear Medium Duty
34MDUTY07375 x 50015 x 20200g5001500Clear Medium Duty
34MDUTY08450 x 60018 x 24200g125750Clear Medium Duty
34MDUTY09500 x 75020 x 30200g250750Clear Medium Duty
34MDUTY10600 x 90024 x 36200g125250Clear Medium Duty
34MDUTY11900 x 122036 x 48200g200200Clear Medium Duty
34HDUTY01102 x 1524 x 6400g10006000Clear Heavy Duty
34HDUTY02150 x 2006 x 8400g5004000Clear Heavy Duty
34HDUTY03175 x 2257 x 9400g5003000Clear Heavy Duty
34HDUTY04200 x 2508 x 10400g5001000Clear Heavy Duty
34HDUTY05250 x 30010 x 12400g2501000Clear Heavy Duty
34HDUTY06250 x 37510 x 15400g2501000Clear Heavy Duty
34HDUTY07300 x 37512 x 15400g2501000Clear Heavy Duty
34HDUTY08300 x 45012 x 18400g250500Clear Heavy Duty
34HDUTY09375 x 50015 x 20400g100500Clear Heavy Duty
34HDUTY10450 x 60018 x 24400g200400Clear Heavy Duty
34HDUTY11500 x 75020 x 30400g100300Clear Heavy Duty
34HDUTY12600 x 90024 x 36400g100200Clear Heavy Duty
34HDUTY14900 x 121536 x 48400g5050Clear Heavy Duty