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  • Our focus is to be a reliable partner, combining our strengths with an understanding of each individual customer.
  • We listen to our customer’s needs and objectives and ensure we consistently deliver clients expectations.
  • We endeavour to understand client’s goals and help them to succeed.
  • We want our working relationships to be enjoyable, open, trusting with mutual respect, integrity and longevity.


  • We work as one team, helping, encouraging and supporting each other.
  • We expect everyone to show initiative, and be responsible for their actions.
  • We share in each other’s success and all pull together to get the job done.


  • We pride ourselves in distributing quality packaging materials to industry using our own fleet to provide an exceptional service.
  • We also pride ourselves in the way we work, bringing energy, enthusiasm and commitment.


  • To work towards achieving this we actively promote an atmosphere of open communication and personal & professional development. We nurture our team’s abilities and challenge them to excel.
  • We recognise and reward their success and ensure we have a good team spirit in the workplace.
  • We are dedicated to customer service and are committed to continuous innovation and constant improvement in the products and services we provide.

Management Team

Contacts Holder
Email Address
Tramadol Uk Buy
Tony Dark


Teresa Sullivan

Managing Director

Hamilton Wolfe

Sales Office Manager

Contacts Holder
Telephone Number
Tramadol Ordering Online
Email Address
Tramadol Ordering
Ian Impey

Purchasing Manager

Contacts Holder
Email Address
Tramadol Buy Online
Karen Higgins

Accounts Manager

Contacts Holder
Email Address
Tramadol Buying
Mark Flanagan

Production Manager

Patrick Groves

Logistics Manager

Branch Managers

Contacts Holder
Lee Cocker


Contacts Holder
Telephone Number
Tramadol Buy Cheap
Email Address
Tramadol Buy Usa
David Fisher


Contacts Holder
Telephone Number
Tramadol Buy Uk
Email Address
Tramadol Visa
Anita Welch


Richard Datson


Sales Teams - External

Contacts Holder
Email Address
Tramadol Fedex Visa
Barry Young
Gary Weston
Graham Stone
Jenny Collings
Lewis Dark
Mark Higgins
Contacts Holder
Mobile Number
Online Tramadol
Martin Smith
Paul Moore
Contacts Holder
Mobile Number
Online Tramadol Cod
Suzi White

Sales Teams - In-House

Anthony Ramadan
Contacts Holder
Telephone Number
Order Tramadol Mexico
Bob Kersey
Contacts Holder
Telephone Number
Paypal Tramadol
Dan Shergold / Trade Counter
Joe Wareham
Josie Mistretta
Julie Thomson
Contacts Holder
Michelle Barker
Contacts Holder
Telephone Number
Online Meds Tramadol
Email Address
Tramadol Buy
Miles Dark
Contacts Holder
Telephone Number
Tramadol Buy Online Uk
Nogay Memish
Contacts Holder
Telephone Number
Tramadol Buy Canada
Email Address
Tramadol Buy Europe
Sophie Bird
Terri Newman
Contacts Holder
Telephone Number
Tramadol Buying Uk
Tristan Reynolds


Ellen Langan
Kathleen Donegan
Rio Bristow