UK Packaging is an independent company manufacturing small and medium quantities of tailor made corrugated cases and fitments in a variety of grades to suit your product.

We are also an authorised Jiffy foam converter and are able to manufacture press stamped and cut fitments to protect the more fragile and delicate products as required.

Our reputation has been built on service and flexibility, combined with a friendly, personal service always striving to offer the right solution for your packaging requirements at the most competitive price. We offer a design service for your particular product and a sample to enable a transit trial before committing to an order. We also keep stocks of items such as bubble wrap and board enabling us to meet urgent deadlines.

We are able to manufacture a wide range of carton styles, regular four flaps with stitched or glued seams, corner-cut folders, five panel wraps and also die-cuts. We supply different sized cartons for removals plus new design cartons with a single piece divider set for bottle pack requirements.


Following a pre-arranged visit, where you can brief us with details about your product and how it is to be transported – we will design a cost effective pack, providing the maximum protection, in the most economical way using the minimum amount of materials. We will always try and eliminate the over use of packaging. A sample will be produced free of charge, for a full customer trial, along with a full quotation.


Once an order is received it will be processed in our system and scheduled for an agreed manufacture date. The process will use both manual and computer controlled machinery to produce the packaging to the specification laid down at the design stage.


We deliver 99% of all goods on our own vehicles. This way we have control over delivery times and ensure a courteous delivery by our own drivers.


We are happy to offer information and advice about packaging solutions, and will always give an honest answer to any questions.

Design & Testing

You supply us with your product – and we design and construct your packaging, providing the maximum protection possible. We offer a full design facility for corrugated board, Polyethylene foam and die cut cartons – and will always produce a sample for customer approval.

Corrugated Board

We have access to over 100 grades of corrugated board so we can easily get the correct grade for each job.

Corrugated Board Testing

We have access via the board mills, to laboratory testing facilities so we can check the board grade of any pack. We can also advise on maximum stacking heights of packs as well as ‘burst’ strengths of boards.

Polyethylene Foam

Using computer programmes and drop curve technology, we can easily advise of the amount of foam needed to successfully protect a product. Thus ensuring maximum protection using minimum packaging.

Drop testing

For smaller items that can easily be handled we can carry out drop tests. Using an accelerometer attached to the product, via a computer screen and print out, we can prove the G force experienced by the product when dropped.


Once a design is formulated we will make a sample either by hand, or production machinery or on a CAD table.

Heavy Duty Cases & Crates

Heavy duty grades of corrugated board can be produced for use in “export” cases to provide the extra strength required.

Timber pallets and timber/plywood crates are also produced for the “heavy duty” packaging market.

Timber used in the production is from managed, sustainable forests. It is kiln dried and is called “heat treated timber”. This treatment comes with a forestry commission sanitary certificate. This number/code is stencilled or marked on the pallets or crates and is accepted worldwide to show the product conforms to import/export regulations.

  • Heavy Duty (export grade) cases
  • Timber / plywood, custom made crates
  • Pallet bases

Expanded Polyethylene Foam

This foam is extruded into planks and has a structure of small regular cells. This structure means it has a high heat and sound insulation capacity and excellent shock absorbing properties.

The shock absorbing capacity makes it a perfect packaging medium for delicate and fragile items. It offers a “multi drop” function ensuring that goods are very well protected during transit.

  • Multi drop expanded Polyethylene foam
  • Polyurethane ‘soft foams’
  • Press cut or fabricated to suit every shape
  • Polyethylene end caps, trays or corner blocks
  • Inserts for carry cases
  • Jiffy Polyethylene stockist
  • Antistatic or conductive foams
  • Profile foam

For further information and to discuss your personal requirements please call our sales team on 020 8801 8144 or contact your local depot.