Bubble bags (sometimes known as bubble pouches) are a convenient and cost-effective way to protect items in transit.

They are available in a wide selection of sizes, ideal for packing smaller objects such as jewellery or larger media items (dvds, CDs) and photo frames.
All our bubble bags contain a MINIMUM 30% RECYCLED CONTENT and are exempt from Plastic Packaging Tax.

Why use bubble bags from UK Packaging?

  • A simple adhesive strip allows the bubble bags to be sealed for extra protection.
  • Saves time compared to hand-wrapping goods with bubble wrap.
  • Anti-static bubble bags are available, preventing the build up of static discharge around items sensitive to static electricity.
  • Available in a range of stock sizes, or in custom sizes.

To order your bubble bags, just give our sales team a call on 020 8801 8144 or contact your local depot. Prefer to use a regular roll of bubble wrap? Then take a look at our small bubble wrap and large bubble wrap options.

30ASBUB003180 x 2353004800ASBP3 Antistatic Bubble Bags
30ASBUB007280 x 360 + 30 LIP1502400ASBP5 Antistatic Bubble Bags
30ASBUB013305 x 435 + 30 LIP1502400ASBP6 Antistatic Bubble Bags
30ASBUB014100 x 135 + 30 LIP75012000ASBP1 Antistatic Bubble Bags
30ASBUB014A130 x 185 + 30 LIP5008000ASBP2 Antistatic Bubble Bags
30ASBUB015230 x 285 + 30 LIP3003600ASBP4 Antistatic Bubble Bags
30ASBUB016380 x 435 + 30 LIP1001600ASBP7 Antistatic Bubble Bags
30BUBB005180 x 235 + 30 S/S LIP3004800BP3 Bubble Bags
30BUBB005X100 x 135 + 30 S/S LIP75012000BP1 Bubble Bags
30BUBB007380 x 435 + 30 S/S LIP1001600BP7 Bubble Bags
30BUBB010230 x 285 + 30 S/S LIP3003600BP4 Bubble Bags
30BUBB011130 x 185 + 30 S/S LIP5008000BP2 Bubble Bags
30BUBB017280 x 360 + 30 S/S LIP1502400BP5 Bubble Bags
30BUBB023305 x 435 + 30 S/S LIP1502400BP6 Bubble Bags
30BUBB250230 x 280 + 40 S/S LIP3006000Biodegradable Bubble Bags