An excellent packing material good for cushioning and wrapping, corrugated paper is available from UK Packaging in no fewer than 17 stock sizes.

You can also order our corrugated paper rolls or sheets in special custom sizes to suit your requirements.

Why choose corrugated paper from UK Packaging?

  • Environmentally friendly product, made from reclaimed paper.
  • Corrugated design provides protection for delicate surfaces.
  • Ideal for shipping lightweight items.
  • Roll widths from just 150mm, so suitable for packing a huge range of product sizes.

You can order your corrugated paper rolls with one simple call to our sales team on 020 8801 8144 or by contacting your local depot.

40CP00132575Corrugated Paper
40CP00245075Corrugated Paper
40CP00360075Corrugated Paper
40CP00465075Corrugated Paper
40CP00575075Corrugated Paper
40CP00690075Corrugated Paper
40CP007105075Corrugated Paper
40CP008120075Corrugated Paper
40CP009150075Corrugated Paper
40CP010180075Corrugated Paper
40CP011135075Corrugated Paper
40CP014X30075Corrugated Paper
40CP015X15075Corrugated Paper
40CP017X100075Corrugated Paper
40CP02022575Corrugated Paper
40CP03735075Corrugated Paper
40CP023210075Corrugated Paper