Whatever your need for packaging and wrapping papers, UK packaging has a solution to suit.

We stock and supply a wide range of high-quality paper sheets and rolls, including corrugated paper, tissue paper, Kraft paper and waxed paper in a selection of sizes and colours.

Manufactured from the highest-quality materials, our paper sheets and rolls can be used for wrapping, packing, void fill and more.

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To order paper sheets and rolls, just give our sales team a call on 020 8801 8144 or contact your local depot.

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    40FP002600350m90Filla Paper
    40KPI003500190m90Imitation Kraft Paper Roll
    40KPI004600190m90Imitation Kraft Paper Roll
    40KPI005750190m90Imitation Kraft Paper Roll
    40KPI006900190m90Imitation Kraft Paper Roll
    40KPI0071150190m90Imitation Kraft Paper Roll
    40KPP008500190m88Pure Kraft Paper Roll
    40KPP009600190m88Pure Kraft Paper Roll
    40KPP010750190m88Pure Kraft Paper Roll
    40KPP011900190m88Pure Kraft Paper Roll
    40KPP0181150190m88Pure Kraft Paper Roll
    40KPS002700 x 1150250 sheets70Pure Kraft Sheets
    40KPS006900 x 1150250 sheets88Pure Kraft Sheets
    40KPS0071150 x 1400120 sheets88Pure Kraft Sheets
    40WNOC002500 x 750n/a20" x 30" White News Offcuts 10kg pack
    40WNOC005750 x 1000n/a30" x 40" White News Offcuts 10kg pack
    40WNOC013500 x 750 - PREMIUM GRADEn/a20" x 30" White News Offcuts 10kg pack