UK Packaging supplies profile foam corner protectors from leading manufacturer Nomafoam.

Renowned for durability, Nomafoam products are made from a non-scratch material which, while offering strong and rigid protection, can still easily be cut to size and shape.

Why choose profile foam corner protectors?

  • Available as L-profile or U-profile foam to suit a range of different applications
  • Provides excellent corner protection for packages, pallets and appliances
  • Can also be used as a void fill solution in place of bubble wrap
  • Typically supplied in a choice of two sizes

To order profile foam edge protectors, please just call our sales team on 020 8801 8144 or contact your local depot. We can also offer strapping edge protectors and solid board edge protectors.

44NUC0515Nomafoam U Corner Protector5-15mm x 100 x 100mm900U15
44NUC1525Nomafoam U Corner Protector15-25mm x 100 x 100mm600U25
44NUC2535Nomafoam U Corner Protector25-35mm x 100 x 100mm450U35
44NUC3545Nomafoam U Corner Protector35-45mm x 100 x 100mm300U45
44NUC4560Nomafoam U Corner Protector45-60mm x 100 x 100mm500U60
44NUC6080Nomafoam U Corner Protector60-80mm x 100 x 100mm400U80
44NUC80100Nomafoam U Corner Protector80-100mm x 100 x 100mm280U100
44NUC7510Nomafoam 'O' Cut Corner75-10mm3900
44NUP0515Nomafoam U Profile Protector5-15mm x 2m560m
44NUP1525Nomafoam U Profile Protector15-25mm x 2m320m
44NUP2535Nomafoam U Profile Protector25-35mm x 2m240m
44NUP3545Nomafoam U Profile Protector35-45mm x 2m180m
44NUP4560Nomafoam U Profile Protector45-60mm x 2m100m
44NUP6080Nomafoam U Profile Protector60-80mm x 2m80m
44NUP80100Nomafoam U Profile Protector80-100mm x 2m72m
44NLP5050Nomafoam L Profile Protector50mm x 50mm x 2m480m
44NLP7575Nomafoam L Profile Protector75mm x 75mm x 2m210m