Solid board edge protectors are an economical and effective way to safeguard the edges and corners of cartons in transit or storage.

A range of dimensions are available to suit a range of applications.

Benefits of solid board edge protectors

  • A more environmentally friendly alternative to profile foam.
  • Can be re-used or recycled.
  • Often used to protect large appliances such as washing machines.
  • Can also be used to brace pallets.

To order solid board edge protection, please just call our sales team on
020 8801 8144 or contact your local depot. We also offer strapping edge protectors and profile foam corner protectors.

50EP5750mm x 50mm x 190mm3mm505000
50EP001A35mm x 35mm x 1m3mm506000
50EP00235mm x 35mm x 2m3mm504200
50EP00660mm x 60mm x 1m3mm503000
50EP00750mm x 50mm x 1m3mm503000
50EP00850mm x 50mm x 2m3mm503000
50EP01035mm x 35mm x 1200mm3mm504200
50EP5560mm x 60mm x 1500mm3mm503000