Layflat tubing is suitable for a multitude of packaging applications, effectively enabling you to create your own polythene bags. It’s particularly suitable for the packing of long, tall items such as carpets or pipes.

Supplied on a roll, layflat tubing can be cut to size and sealed either end using a heat sealer, ties, staples or tape.

All our layflat tubing contains a MINIMUM 30% RECYCLED CONTENT and are exempt from Plastic Packaging Tax.

Layflat tubing from UK Packaging

  • Available from stock in medium duty (250 gauge) and heavy duty (500 gauge) options.
  • Other sizes, gauges and colours on request.
  • Film unrollers with integral separator bar also available.

Give our sales team a call on 020 8801 8144 or contact your local depot to order your layflat tubing today. You may also be interested in our made-to-measure polythene bag service.

34LFT035A50262.5ROLL250g Clear
34LFT03675362.5ROLL250g Clear
34LFT037102462.5ROLL250g Clear
34LFT038127562.5ROLL250g Clear
34LFT039152662.5ROLL250g Clear
34LFT040178762.5ROLL250g Clear
34LFT041203862.5ROLL250g Clear
34LFT042229962.5ROLL250g Clear
34LFT0432541062.5ROLL250g Clear
34LFT0443051262.5ROLL250g Clear
34LFT0464061662.5ROLL250g Clear
34LFT0474571862.5ROLL250g Clear
34LFT0485082062.5ROLL250g Clear
34LFT0496102462.5ROLL250g Clear
34LFT054A502125ROLL500g Clear
34LFT055753125ROLL500g Clear
34LFT0561024125ROLL500g Clear
34LFT0571275125ROLL500g Clear
34LFT0581526125ROLL500g Clear
34LFT0591787125ROLL500g Clear
34LFT0602038125ROLL500g Clear
34LFT0612299125ROLL500g Clear
34LFT06225410125ROLL500g Clear
34LFT06330512125ROLL500g Clear
34LFT063A35614125ROLL500g Clear
34LFT06440616125ROLL500g Clear
34LFT06545718125ROLL500g Clear
34LFT06650820125ROLL500g Clear
34LFT06761024125ROLL500g Clear
34LFT06876230125ROLL500g Clear
34LFT06991436125ROLL500g Clear