Self-locking white postal boxes from UK Packaging

When it comes to high-quality postal boxes, UK Packaging is the company that delivers. We offer an outstanding range of white postal boxes in all manner of sizes, almost all of which conform to Royal Mail small parcel and large letter formats for cost-effective shipping.

Our white postal boxes are the popular 0427 style – complete with self-locking tabs that hold the lid in place for safe and secure deliveries.

These white postal boxes are ideal for retail businesses and subscription service providers, offering sturdy protection and smart presentation for a wide range of goods.


About our white postal boxes

Made from high-strength Kraft board with double-lined sides, our white 0427 postal boxes are a durable mailing solution that offers superior support to contents in transit, especially in conjunction with our range of void-fill and bubblewrap.

0427 boxes also bring great convenience to your packing room floor, as they can be assembled in a matter of seconds with no need for tape. And, because they are supplied flat-packed, they won’t take up much room in your warehouse.

To assemble an 0427 postal box, all you need to do is simply fold up the two sides and clip them into place, then lift the top flap up and over while tucking the two tabs in at the front. These tabs add a neat finish to the package, while locking the lid neatly in place for security.

Made from recyclable materials, our white postal boxes are also an ideal packing solution for any business committed to environmental sustainability. The boxes are strong enough to be re-used multiple times, and can easily be opened and resealed without damage – so they don’t need to be disposed of after single use.

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The perfect solution for cost-effective delivery

Available in almost 20 sizes, our white postal boxes have been designed specifically to fit the Royal Mail’s small parcel or large letter size guidelines, helping you keep postage costs to a minimum with every delivery.

Large letter boxes measure less than 35.3cm long, 25cm wide and 2.5cm thick, and contents must weigh no more than 750g.

Small parcel boxes measure up to 45cm long, 35cm wide and 16cm deep, and can be used for packages up to 2kg in weight.

As well as helping to cut delivery costs, these 0427 boxes provide additional savings by requiring no sealant of any kind.


Book-wrap packaging and postal tubes

Alongside our range of white postal boxes, we also offer a range of Amazon-style book wrap packaging, ideal for flat items such as books and DVDs.

Our book-wrap is made from rigid single-wall corrugated board, features a self seal lip and tear-off strip opening, and comes in a choice of four sizes.

C5, A4 and C4 sizes can all be sent as a small parcel, while our A3 book-wrap, the largest postal box in our range, is classified as a medium parcel. Medium parcels can weigh up to 20kg, and are the largest packages that can be sent via Royal Mail.

For more irregular shaped packages, UK Packaging also supplies a range of postal bags, Jiffy bags and postal tubes.

Postal tubes are ideal for posters, documents and planning papers, and come in more than 15 different sizes. Most of these can be sent via Royal Mail as a medium parcel.


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Whatever size, shape or type of product you need to send, we have a high-quality postal box, bag or tube to meet your requirements.

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