For a faster, more efficient packaging process in your warehouse or factory, we offer a range of hand-held tape dispensers.

Our tape guns are compatible with a wide array of standard packaging tapes.

Why use a tape gun?

  • Reduces waste due to more efficient tape use
  • Increases packing productivity
  • Provides a neat, professional seal every time
  • Comfortable grip means tape dispenser can be used for prolonged periods

To order your tape dispensers (and compatible tape) just give our sales team a call on 020 8801 8144 or contact your local depot.

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50HDHD012"50Hand Tape Dispensers Heavy Duty Ref HSD50B
50HTD0012"50Hand Tape Dispenser Standard Ref PG50
50BTD101" or 2"1 x 50 or 2 x 25Bench Tape Dispenser with Clamp for 75mm Core Tape
50BTD041"25Bench Tape Dispenser Ref: B-25-BLK
50BTD061"/3"25 - 75Bench Tape Dispenser for 25mm & 75mm Core Ref: PD-326
50BTD082"50Bench Tape Dispenser PD-332
50BTD096"160Bench Tape Dispenser 160mm Working Width WMD-160
50PPTD012"50Pacplus Tape Dispenser with Pistol Grip for 50mm
50SHD023"75Hand Tape Dispenser Standard Ref PG75B
50PWD009MINI1Pallet-Wrap Mini Roll Dispenser Ref: HWSC
50VIP012"50PACPLUS VIP Tape Dispenser Pistol Grip