These strong, heavy duty double wall cartons are made specifically with the removals trade in mind.

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L x W X D
10UKDW309490 x 330 x 330DW150KT180CMB
10UKDWHD002490 x 410 x 610DW300KK80TEA
10UKDW310580 x 380 x 383DW150KT180NO2
10UKDWHD001600 x 600 x 600DW300KT80600
10UKDW311610 x 457 x 457DW200KK9024
10UKDWHD003726 x 580 x 639DW300KT80SONY 29 TV
10UKDWHD004863 x 559 x 686DW300KT8034
10UKDW308991 x 305 x 305DW150KT160LONG NIPPON
10UKDWHD005966 x 610 x 686DW300KT8038