UK Packaging supplies large bubble wrap rolls ideal for providing extra protection to your packages.

Each air-filled bubble measures 25mm, ensuring excellent impact protection for larger items, while keeping the cost of deliveries low due to its light weight.

Large bubble wrap from UK Packaging

  • Range of widths available to suit all packing requirements.
  • Provides excellent cushioning for larger and heavier items.
  • Larger 25mm x 9mm bubbles help you save money by using less material to wrap items or pack voids.
  • Anti-static bubble wrap also available, ideal for wrapping items sensitive to static electricity.

Order your large bubble wrap today with one quick call to our sales team on 020 8801 8144 or contact your local depot. And don’t forget to look at our small bubble wrap (made with smaller bubbles) for a flexible packaging solution for smaller items.

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    30ASBUB0171500502 X750Large Bubble Antistatic
    30ASBUB0181500453 X 500Large Bubble Antistatic
    30BUBLG011500451 x 1500Large Bubble
    30BUBLG021500452 s 750Large Bubble
    30BUBLG031500453 x 750Large Bubble
    30BUBLG041500455 x 300Large Bubble
    30BUBLG051500451 x 1200Large Bubble
    30BUBLG061500452 x 600Large Bubble
    30BUBLG071500451 x 900Large Bubble
    30JIFFY201500451 X 1500Jiffy Large Bubble
    30JIFFY211500452 X 750Jiffy Large Bubble
    30JIFFY221500453 X 500Jiffy Large Bubble
    30JIFFY231500455 X 300Jiffy Large Bubble
    30JIFFY241200451 X 1200Jiffy Large Bubble
    30JIFFY251200452 X 600Jiffy Large Bubble
    30JIFFY26900451 X 900Jiffy Large Bubble