At UK Packaging, we can produce polythene bags to your exact size and specification with our made-to-measure service.

We also have a wide range of sizes available from stock, and offer three different grades – light duty, medium duty and heavy duty.

Polythene bags from UK Packaging are classed as ‘Food Quality’

  • All our polythene bags feature a high-clarity finish.
  • Can also be sealed at the top if required using a heat sealer.
  • Suitable for food use.
  • Self-seal mini-grip polythene bags also available.

Give our sales team a call on 020 8801 8144 or contact your local depot to order your polythene bags today.

34LDUTY01100 x 1524 x 6Light100010000Clear Light Duty
34LDUTY02150 x 2006 x 8Light100010000Clear Light Duty
34LDUTY03175 x 2257 x 9Light10006000Clear Light Duty
34LDUTY04200 x 2508 x 10Light10006000Clear Light Duty
34LDUTY05200 x 3008 x 12Light10006000Clear Light Duty
34LDUTY06225 x 3009 x 12Light10005000Clear Light Duty
34LDUTY07255 x 30010 x 12Light10004000Clear Light Duty
34LDUTY08254 x 37510 x 15Light10004000Clear Light Duty
34LDUTY09300 x 37512 x 15Light10003000Clear Light Duty
34LDUTY10300 x 45012 x 18Light10003000Clear Light Duty
34LDUTY11375 x 50015 x 20Light10003000Clear Light Duty
34LDUTY12450 x 60018 x 24Light5002000Clear Light Duty
34LDUTY13500 x 75020 x 30Light5001000Clear Light Duty
34LDUTY14600 x 90024 x 36Light5001000Clear Light Duty
34MDUTY01175 x 2257 x 9Medium10006000Clear Medium Duty
34MDUTY02200 x 2508 x 10Medium10004000Clear Medium Duty
34MDUTY03250 x 30010 x 12Medium5002000Clear Medium Duty
34MDUTY04250 x 37510 x 15Medium5002000Clear Medium Duty
34MDUTY05300 x 37512 x 15Medium5002000Clear Medium Duty
34MDUTY06300 x 45012 x 18Medium5002000Clear Medium Duty
34MDUTY07375 x 50015 x 20Medium5001500Clear Medium Duty
34MDUTY08450 x 60018 x 24Medium125750Clear Medium Duty
34MDUTY09500 x 75020 x 30Medium250750Clear Medium Duty
34MDUTY10600 x 90024 x 36Medium125250Clear Medium Duty
34MDUTY11900 x 122036 x 48Medium200200Clear Medium Duty
34HDUTY01102 x 1524 x 6Heavy10006000Clear Heavy Duty
34HDUTY02150 x 2006 x 8Heavy5004000Clear Heavy Duty
34HDUTY03175 x 2257 x 9Heavy5003000Clear Heavy Duty
34HDUTY04200 x 2508 x 10Heavy5001000Clear Heavy Duty
34HDUTY05250 x 30010 x 12Heavy2501000Clear Heavy Duty
34HDUTY06250 x 37510 x 15Heavy2501000Clear Heavy Duty
34HDUTY07300 x 37512 x 15Heavy2501000Clear Heavy Duty
34HDUTY08300 x 45012 x 18Heavy250500Clear Heavy Duty
34HDUTY09375 x 50015 x 20Heavy100500Clear Heavy Duty
34HDUTY10450 x 60018 x 24Heavy200400Clear Heavy Duty
34HDUTY11500 x 75020 x 30Heavy100300Clear Heavy Duty
34HDUTY12600 x 90024 x 36Heavy100200Clear Heavy Duty
34HDUTY14900 x 121536 x 48Heavy5050Clear Heavy Duty