The adhesives in water activated tape penetrate into the fibres of the carton, creating a total bond, adding considerable strength compared with standard tape adhesive.

Tamper evident for security, temperature tolerant for long term storage solutions and has 100% recyclability.


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20WAT0270mm x 152mBrown6Gummed side in
20WAT0470mm x 200mmBrown18Gummed side in

Electronic water activated tape dispensers available including: BP555


This high capacity Tegrabond BP555 electronic water activated tape dispenser by Xtegra increases the productivity of busy packing operations by dispencing the correct amount of pre-moistened gummed tape to seal each side of your box. Featuring colour coded pre-set keys for popular tape lengths, this dispenser runs the tape through a water reservoir to activate the adhesive evenly without unnecessary mess – plus it’s actually fully automated for a much faster packing process.

This BP555 tape dispenser can be used with our water activated tape to create a permanent, tamper evident seal for your parcels – ensuring a time-saving, eco friendly, and economical packing operation.

  • Works with most reinforced and paper tapes
  • Can be fitted with foot pedal for hands-free operation
  • Automatic Measuring Device (AMDI) as an optional extra, ideal for high-volume, randomsized carton sealing
  • Random and 14 pre-determined repeatable tape length settings
  • User-friendly colour-coded keypad operation
  • 300 metre roll length capacity for reduced downtime
  • Fast output (up to 1.14 metres per second)

Technical specifications:

  • Machine dimensions – 510 x 320 x 300mm (L x W x H)
  • Weight – 15.0kg
  • Power requirement – 220V
  • Water Resevoir – 1.4litres

Tape Capacity

  • Min/max width – 38 to 75mm
  • Max roll length – 300m
  • Max roll diameter – 250mm
  • Tape dispensing speed – 1.143m/per second