Order your Jiffy small bubble wrap today with one quick call to our sales team on 020 8801 8144 or by contacting your local depot. You may also want to look at our large bubble wrap (25mm bubbles) to provide extra protection for your goods.

Jiffydistributor N1

30JIFFY0115001001 x 1500Jiffy Small Bubble
30JIFFY0215001002 x 750Jiffy Small Bubble
30JIFFY0315001003 x 500Jiffy Small Bubble
30JIFFY0415001005 x 300Jiffy Small Bubble
30JIFFY0512001001 x 1200Jiffy Small Bubble
30JIFFY0612001002 x 600Jiffy Small Bubble
30JIFFY079001001 x 900Jiffy Small Bubble
30JIFFY0810001001 x 1000Jiffy Small Bubble
30JIFFY0918001001 x 1800Jiffy Small Bubble
30BUB0101500101 x 500Jiffy Mini-rolls Small Bubble