Expandable Corner Protectors are a more versatile alternative to solid board edge protectors. These plastic expanding corner protectors can be adjusted to fit a wide range of items.

The durable plastic protects materials from damage in transit or storage, and can be applied to all kinds of furniture, sheet materials and appliances.

Why use expanding corner protectors?

  • Made from tough, resolute plastic to protect items from ‘edge crush’.
  • A low-cost solution which can be re-sized and re-applied to multiple items.
  • Quick and simple to apply.
  • Available in a selection of stock sizes.

Give our sales team a call on 020 8801 8144 or contact your local depot to order your expandable edge protectors today. You might also be interested in our further range of edge protection products.


50CP002Medium Expandable Corner Protector - Black Plastic16-40mm1000
50CP003Large Expandable Corner Protector - Black Plastic35-70mm250