Featuring a convenient grip-seal, our polythene mini-grip bags are ideal for the storage of any items you wish to protect from dirt and moisture.

They are available in a wide range of sizes, and can be supplied either plain or with a write-on panel for adding identifying information.

The benefits of polythene mini-grip bags

  • Can be re-used multiple times, making them an economical choice for your business.
  • Constructed from 100% virgin, low density and high clarity polythene film for lasting durability.
  • Grip seal locks out dust and dirt.

Give our sales team a call on 020 8801 8144 or contact your local depot to order your polythene mini grip bags today. If you don’t see the size you’re looking for, we can also supply polythene bags to your exact specification via a made-to-measure service

34PBMG00140 x 651.5 x 2.5100040000PG.0 Plain
34PBMG00260 x 602.25 x 2.25100020000PG.1 Plain
34PBMG00360 x 752.25 x 3100030000PG.2 Plain
34PBMG00475 x 853 x 3.25100020000PG.3 Plain
34PBMG00590 x 1153.5 x 4.5100012000PG.4 Plain
34PBMG006115 x 1154.5 x 4.5100016000PG.5 Plain
34PBMG007100 x 1404 x 5.5100010000PG.6 Plain
34PBMG008140 x 1405.5 x 5.510006000PG.7 Plain
34PBMG00975 x 1903 x 7.510006000PG.8 Plain
34PBMG010127 x 1915 x 7.510008000PG.9 Plain
34PBMG011190 x 1907.5 x 7.510006000PG.10 Plain
34PBMG012230 x 3259 x 12.755002000PG.A4 Plain
34PBMG013280 x 40611 x 165001000PG.15 Plain
34PBMG014150 x 2306 x 910006000PG.11 Plain
34PBMG015205 x 2808 x 1110004000PG.12 Plain
34PBMG015X325 x 32512.75 x 12.755001000PG.13 Plain
34PBMG018255 x 35510 x 1410001000PG.14 Plain
34PBMG020330 x 45513 x 185001000PG.16 Plain
34PBMG021380 x 51015 x 2010001000PG17 Plain
34PBMG022305 x 40612 x 165001000
34PBMG023305 x 38012 x 1510001000
34PBMGW00140 x 651.5 x 2.510001000PGW020 Write On Panel
34PBMGW00260 x 602.25 x 2.2510001000PGW120 Write On Panel
34PBMGW00357 x 762.25 x 310001000PGW121 Write On Panel
34PBMGW00475 x 853 x 3.2510001000PGW122 Write On Panel
34PBMGW00590 x 1153.5 x 4.510001000PGW123 Write On Panel
34PBMGW006115 x 1154.5 x 4.510001000PGW124 Write On Panel
34PBMGW007100 x 1404 x 5.510001000PGW125 Write On Panel
34PBMGW008140 x 1405.5 x 5.510001000PGW126 Write On Panel
34PBMGW00975 x 1903 x 7.510001000PGW127 Write On Panel
34PBMGW010125 x 1905 x 7.510001000PGW128 Write On Panel
34PBMGW011190 x 1907.5 x 7.510001000PGW129 Write On Panel
34PBMGW012150 x 2306 x 910001000PGW130 Write On Panel
34PBMGW013205 x 2808 x 1110001000PGW131 Write On Panel
34PBMGW014230 x 3259 x 12.7510001000PGW132 Write On Panel
34PBMGW015254 x 35610 x 1410001000PGW133 Write On Panel