Polyethylene foam rolls are an ideal packing solution for a wide range of products, protecting goods in transit against bumps and scratches.

Polyethylene foam is particularly good for wrapping up wood and glass frames. Dust free, it helps your delivery arrive in perfect condition.

Polythene foam rolls frrom UK Packaging

  • Provides a smart, clean look to a package.
  • Lightweight solution for cost-effective posting.
  • Flexible foam conforms to contents of all shapes and sizes.
  • Available in a wide range of dimensions to suit your needs.

To order your polyethylene foam wrap, just give our sales team a call on 020 8801 8144 or contact your local depot.

44JF113003 x 500Jiffy Foam
44JF1.0MM13001 x 1000Jiffy Foam
44JF1.0MMA13001 x 1500Jiffy Foam
44JF1.0MMD13002 x 750Jiffy Foam
44JF1.0MMG13005 x 175 Perfed Every 200 mmJiffy Foam
44JF1.5MM1.52001 x 1000Jiffy Foam
44JF1.5MMA1.52001 x 1500Jiffy Foam
44JF1.5MMAA1.52002 x 750Jiffy Foam
44JF1.5MMB1.52005 x 300Jiffy Foam
44JF1.5MMC1.52003 x 500Jiffy Foam
44JF1.5MME1.52001 x 1200Polyethylene Foam
44JF2.5MM2.51201 x 1000Jiffy Foam
44JF2.5MMA2.51201 x 1500Jiffy Foam
44JF2.5MMC2.51202 x 750Jiffy Foam
44JF2.5MMD2.51203 x 500Jiffy Foam
44JF2.5MMG2.51205 x 300Jiffy Foam
44JF4.00MM4751 x 1000Jiffy Foam
44JF4.0MMD4753 x 500Jiffy Foam
44JF4.0MME4752 x 750Jiffy Foam
44JF4.0MMF4751 x 1200Jiffy Foam