For heavy duty cartons requiring resilient strapping, cross-weave tape is an excellent packaging option.

Why choose cross-weave tape?

  • Made with reinforced glass fibres for added strength, promising a strong hold on even the heaviest of packages.
  • Provides a high-security seal for cartons with sensitive contents
  • Suitable for everything from home moves to shipping pallets
  • Cross-weave tape can also be used to bind odd-shaped packages, or to bundle pipework
  • Available in six sizes, ready to go from stock

Order your cross weave tape now by calling our sales team on 020 8801 8144 or contact your local depot. To complete your packaging solution, you may also wish to look at our heavy duty double-wall cardboard boxes or our pallet boxes.

20CWT001125072Clear Crossweave Tape Hot Melt
20CWT002195048Clear Crossweave Tape Hot Melt
20CWT003245036Clear Crossweave Tape Hot Melt
20CWT004485018Clear Crossweave Tape Hot Melt
20CWT005755012Clear Crossweave Tape Hot Melt
20CWT007100506Clear Crossweave Tape Hot Melt
20CWT008385032Clear Crossweave Tape Hot Melt

A range of MONOWEAVE tapes are also available, please enquire.