The perfect posting solution for posters, plans or awkward-sized documents, our high-quality postal tubes are available in a range of stock sizes.

We also offer the option for tailored postal tubes, made to your size specification and available in a range of coloured papers.

Our standard postal tubes are fitted with conventional plastic end plugs, though we can also produce bespoke postal tubes with an alternative pinched end closure.

Just give our sales team a call on 020 8801 8144 or contact your local depot to place your order.

A3POSTAL TUBE A330mm44.5mm1.5mm
A2POSTAL TUBE B450mm44.5mm1.5mm
B2POSTAL TUBE C559mm50.8mm1.5mm
A1POSTAL TUBE D640mm50.8mm1.5mm
A2POSTAL TUBE E450mm63.5mm1.5mm
A1POSTAL TUBE F640mm63.5mm1.5mm
B1POSTAL TUBE G813mm63.5mm1.5mm
B2POSTAL TUBE H559mm76mm1.5mm
A1POSTAL TUBE I640mm76mm1.5mm
B1POSTAL TUBE J813mm76mm2mm
A0POSTAL TUBE K940mm76mm2mm
B0POSTAL TUBE L1046mm76mm3mm
A1POSTAL TUBE M640mm100mm3mm
A0POSTAL TUBE N940mm100mm3mm
B0POSTAL TUBE O1046mm100mm3mm
A0POSTAL TUBE P940mm127mm3mm
B0POSTAL TUBE R1046mm152mm3mm