Brown paper tape offers an environmentally friendly alternative to vinyl tape, while still providing a strong secure seal. Widely used within the packaging industry, it’s also often used by picture framers.

Benefits of paper tape

  • A recyclable, eco-friendly packaging solution that can be recycled along with the box
  • Water-resistant and suitable for humid conditions – ideal for international shipping
  • Provides a neat, matt-look finish to parcels
  • Available in a range of widths to suit your needs

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20BPT03Brown Paper Tape24mm x 50m72
20BPT04Brown Paper Tape48mm x 50m50
20BPT02Brown Paper Tape75mm x 50m24
20GPTT011Gummed Paper Tape35mm x 200m32Gum Side In
20GPT005Gummed Paper Tape48mm x 200m24Gum Side In
20GPT002Gummed Paper Tape70mm x 200m16Gum Side In
20GPTTR001Reinforced Gummed Paper Tape70mm x 100m16Gum Side In